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      Environmental Business Services      

 Your Brand is Everything

 ... and environmental sustainability is one of the fastest growing must-haves for brand leadership 

That’s why your competitors are investing so much time and effort on their environmental performance and reputation, why your major corporate customers are demanding so much more of your time, and why the environmental community is knocking on your door. Make no mistake, whether your company is large or small, you will need to show how your brand measures up.

Before that happens, talk to us. The Gagliardi Group will help you meet that challenge and guide you through the complexity, evolving standards and often contradictory trends in product sustainability. We were there on the ground floor when the green product and supply chain movement took off, and we know from years of hands-on experience what works, what doesn’t and why.

In fact, we have helped over 100 U.S. and European companies jump to the head of the class in product sustainability and corporate environmental leadership. With decades of experience in life cycle thinking and assessment, sustainability policies and projects, environmental management systems, reputation management, sustainability reporting and communications, certifications and eco-labels, we offer a combination of services that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Our commitment is to legitimately green your brand, not greenwash it. With deep roots in the environmental field -- including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Interior Department, corporate America and the sustainability movement -- we know the difference. We’ll put you on the right path and keep you from the all-too-common missteps and the temptation of makeshift approaches that so often lead to damaged brands and costly fixes.

When you hire us, you hire specialists in product sustainability and green supply chain, and you deal directly with the principals of the firm until the job is done.

The Gagliardi Group is completely independent and 100 percent committed to your success.

Examples of Our Recent Work Include ...

For a medium-sized packaging manufacturer ... Guiding the step-by-step process to develop an effective, ISO 14001-aligned Environmental Management System. 

For a leader in the U.S. financial services industry ... Helping management in the redesign of its corporate sustainable paper purchasing and reduction policies. 

For a top producer of coated magazine and catalog papers ... Promoting the company's sustainability initiatives and developing sustainability-related customer communications. 

For a U.S. steel industry association ... Presenting an analysis of U.S. climate change legislation and initiatives and how they would affect the industry. 

For the largest U.S. magazine publisher ... Helping prepare sustainability reports. 

For a major investment firm ... Conducting environmental and sustainability due diligence for projects around the world. 

For numerous top U.S. retail chains ... Helping them develop ambitious, but achievable sustainability goals; sustainable procurement policies; and specific environmental projects. 

For environmental non-governmental organizations ... Helping initiate corporate partnerships, and sharing and exchanging additional background on difficult environmental questions. 


TGG's Carl Gagliardi met with staff at the Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) atop the world's second highest mountain (from the sea floor) on the Big Island of Hawaii. The premier atmospheric research facility on earth, MLO has been continuously monitoring and collecting data related to atmospheric change since the 1950's. Undisturbed air, remote location, and minimal influences of vegetation and human activity at MLO are ideal for monitoring greenhouse gases that can contribute to climate change. The observatory is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Earth System Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division.





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