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Our Independent, Science-Based Approach to Your Sustainability Issues


The Gagliardi Group is dedicated to providing answers you can count on. We take our independence and the integrity of the product we offer you seriously, and we will not skew our analysis to favor one side of an environmental issue or another.  Our approach is founded, first and always, on bedrock science and economics. In practice, that means we are committed to the principles and practices of life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment (LCA), as defined by ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and the SETAC LCA Code of Practice.

LCAs are the state of the art in the scientific analysis of product sustainability. It’s true that they can be time and resource intensive. An LCA must be well-designed, and the goal and scope of an LCA must be carefully defined. Even then, the complex nature of even the simplest commodities and products has made LCA a challenging exercise. However, LCAs have come a long way over the years, and each new round of LCA standards and conventions has continued to improve its reliability and usefulness.

Not every client can afford the kind of commitment that a full or even streamlined LCA often requires. At a minimum, though, we can apply the kind of life cycle thinking that will move you in the right direction.

Specific, Real-World Data First

In every analysis, our approach is to use actual performance data and characteristics specific to a particular product or process above all other sources. Only if these data sources are unavailable do we use industry-wide averages and estimates. We do everything possible to spare our clients the vague pronouncements, untested assumptions and uninvestigated clichés that too often pass for environmental certainty in this business.

Independent, Peer-Reviewed Studies

We base our recommendations and analysis on the best existing research available. The best research is generally conducted by universities and technical associations and other independent institutions, and it is peer-reviewed. We avoid studies that are self-serving and whose conclusions tend to be pre-determined by an organization's policy, economic or political interests.




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