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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

We offer the precise expertise you need to help meet
your sustainability objectives ...

Corporate Policies, Programs and Systems 
  • Provide a review and assessment of your company’s environmental leadership potential, from the policies and programs you already have in place to potential new initiatives that best reflect your goals, resources, management philosophy and culture
  • Help create, reinvigorate or refocus any or all of your sustainability structure, programs or policies at all levels, including company-wide
  • Assess the lifecycle implications of your product supply chain
  • Draft or redesign corporate sustainable procurement policies
  • Help you leverage your corporate procurement policy for true environmental benefit
  • Guide you in developing an Environmental Management System (EMS)
 Sustainability Strategy
  • Assess sustainability issues unique to your company or industry and identify opportunities for both environmental improvement and cost savings
  • Work with you to design a roadmap that will help you reach your environmental goals
  • Help you translate environmental leadership into real market advantage
  • Help you identify opportunities, methods and resources to quantify your company’s environmental footprint and make the greatest improvement for the lowest cost
  • Recommend business plans that anticipate government environmental initiatives likely to influence your operations, environmental practices or reputation
Environmental Stakeholder Relationships
  • Help you anticipate and respond to the explosion of environmental scorecards that ENGOs (environmental nongovernment organizations), foundations, and especially major corporations are requiring of corporate suppliers
  • Recommend the most credible and cost-effective environmental labels and certifications for your products and help you qualify for them
  • Assess the ENGO view of your company and industry and forecast the likelihood that they will engage you  
Key Issues Resource
  • Provide a plain-English review of the environmental issues that are influencing your business across the supply chain, including lifecycle assessment, climate change, forestry, third-party eco-labels and certifications, packaging and recycling
  • Update you and your associates on emerging developments in domestic and international governmental and nongovernmental initiatives likely to change the landscape for sustainability
  • Brief your management, staff, sales team or purchasing management on the specific environmental issues affecting your supply chain and market standing
  • Help recruit your employees, vendors and other associates and engage them as ambassadors for your sustainability efforts
  • Available as a public speaker to address your team or conduct mini-courses
  • Help you more effectively communicate your sustainability leadership to key stakeholders
  • Develop an overall sustainability communications strategy
  • Draft effective, influential position papers
  • Reach customers with your key environmental messages


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